Downloading CSZ-CMS

Download Here

Upgrading CSZ-CMS

You can extract this upgrade zip file to your CSZ-CMS directory and import the sql file with yourself.
Or After version 1.0.1 you can upgrade with Upgrade Tools at backend system (Automatic Upgrade).

Server Requirements

- Best on browsers FireFox, Chrome, Safari, IE9.
- Apache Server.
- PHP 5.3 or higher.
- MySQL 5.0 or higher (Recommend for MySQLi Driver).
- Apache MOD_REWRITE Enabled.
- PHP cURL Enabled.
- gZip Compression Enabled.

Installation Instructions

How to install CSZ CMS?

1. Download zip file from
2. Unzip file into 'htdocs' directory or 'public_html' for hosting (If you want to unzip file into directory. Please make new directory and unzip all file into this).
3. Run the website for the setup wizard. Example http://localhost or unzip into directory is http://localhost/yourcmsdir. Or unzip into real hosting with or
4. Input the value on screen (Required information for database. Exmple Database Server url, Database Username, Database Password, Database Name etc.)
5. In 'Base Url' please input http://localhost or http://localhost/yourcmsdir. Or real hosting is or
6. Click 'Install' button. And enjoy with your web applications.

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