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Now, Version 1.1.5 available. Click to download below.

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Release Notes

Version 1.1.5

- Add REST for support API.
- Add Google Analytics data last 30 days to show on backend.
- Add news feed from cszcms website on backend dashboard.
- Add Dutch language for backend system.
- Add brute force login protection system.
- Change backend template to AdminLTE.
- Update Codeigniter to 3.1.3.
- Fix url rewrite for limit maxlength characters.
- Fix shop plugin to 1.0.3 (Bug fixed and more update feature).
- Fix remove form auto focus when required field.
- Fix file upload function for security.
- Fix TinyMCE use frontend template css.
- Fix to return method url after login.
- Fix more security (Url injection).
- Fix forms builder bug.

See more Release Notes


You can upgrade with Upgrade Tools at backend system (Automatic Upgrade).
Or use manual upgrade.

*After upgrade please logout and login again

Now we found some bug on 1.1.5. Please use this file to manual upgrade.

How to manual upgrade?

  • Go to Backend System.
  • Go to Maintenance System.
  • See Plugin Install and upload this file.
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