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Now, Version 1.1.6 available. Click to download below.

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How to manual install or upgrade the plugin?

  • Go to Backend System.
  • Go to Maintenance System.
  • See System Upgrade Manually and upload this file.

Release Notes

Version 1.1.6

- Add Lazyload jquery.
- Add Italian language for backend system.
- Add Spanish language for backend system.
- Add TinyMCE can select file from "File Upload" (On Image, Link and Video).
- Add group Operations (creating/deleting groups, permission settings).
- Add private messages (between users).
- Add custom css field for pages content.
- Add google custom search on frontend (Can enable/disable on backend).
- Add banner management.
- Add the action logs for backend (for save and delete).
- Add backup function with impotant file (photo directory, custom template directory, .htaccess, config.inc.php).
- Add widget html custom sytle.
- Add maintenance mode enable on site settings.
- Update Font-awesome to 4.7.0.
- Update Codeigniter to 3.1.4.
- Change default template style.
- Support for PHP 7
- Remove new version alert on frontend.
- Remove module shop, this module it will be in store of plugins.
- Fix forms builder bug.
- Fix AdminLTE setting slide menu z-index.
- Fix db cache for RSS feed.
- Fix RSSParser for feed news on backend.
- Fix new linkstatics function.
- Fix dropdown menu hierarchical url (good SEO).
- Fix sitemap generator for menu hierarchical url.
- Fix more performance for backend and frontend (Include html minify).
- Fix navigation menu for support #mydiv or page#mydiv.
- Fix password encyption for more security.
- Fix plugin structure for support developer.
- Fix sitemap generator for new plugin structure.

See more Release Notes


You can upgrade with Upgrade Tools at backend system (Automatic Upgrade).
Or use manual upgrade.

*After upgrade please logout and login again

How to manual upgrade?

  • Go to Backend System.
  • Go to Maintenance System.
  • See System Upgrade Manually and upload this file.
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