CSZ CMS NEWS: about upgrade version 1.1.4

Category: Upgrade News | Posted date: 2016-12-20 17:47:22 | Updated date: 2017-09-21 14:24:43 | Posted by: CSZCMS Admin

CSZ CMS upgrade news about version 1.1.4, Have many bug to fixed.

CSZ CMS NEWS: about upgrade version 1.1.4


  • Add support for architecture HMVC. (Finish)
  • Change the license to ADPL. (Finish)
  • Move plugin frontend to HMVC. (Finish)
  • Fix shopping plugin to 1.0.2 (Add facebook comments into product view). (Finish)
  • Fix Article plugin to version 1.0.4 (Add article search on frontend, Can sort the category). (Finish)
  • Fix for disable autocomplete the password field for security. (Finish)
  • Fix htaccess for more security. (Finish)
  • Fix Parent Directory access for assets and template directory. (Finish)
  • Fix Cookie set HttpOnly for security. (Finish)
  • Fix forms return current url for security. (Finish)
  • Fix member register bug. (Finish)
  • Fix installer bug. (Finish)
  • Fix formaction redirect for frontend. (Finish)

This upgrade has many security fixed. Now available to upgrade.
If you find the bug for CSZ CMS. Please tell us at here

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