CSZ CMS NEWS: about version 1.1.8

Category: Upgrade News | Posted date: 2017-08-18 22:14:06 | Updated date: 2017-09-09 00:53:19 | Posted by: Admin User

CSZ CMS upgrade news about version 1.1.8, Have many bug to fixed and add new feature. We improve the performance.

CSZ CMS NEWS: about version 1.1.8


  • Add more meta tag field on content page.
  • Add plugin frontend view for support the custom template.
  • Add content support with [? startform_post:form_name{action_url}][/? endform] and [? startform_get:form_name{action_url}][/? endform].
  • Add widget xml for album view in gallery plugin.
  • Add Form Builder with upload files option and can sort the field on form edit page.
  • Add test send email to default email in 'Site Settings'.
  • Add export and import function on backend with CSV file.
  • Add uninstall the plugin function on plugin store and plugin search.
  • Add file manager for template and cms config (elFinder).
  • Add member frontend view for support the custom template.
  • Add app manifest (add to homescreen) on mobile for backend.
  • Add static frontend view for support the custom template (Error 404, Banner, Linkstats).
  • Add template generater tools in file manager page on backend.
  • Add startup function for run after login. For plugin config $plugin_config['backend_startup'] and $plugin_config['frontend_startup'].
  • Update TinyMCE to 4.6.6.
  • Improve performance.
  • Improve seo support.
  • Fixed article rss feed to support 'Facebook Instant Articles'.
  • Fixed for error 404 override page.
  • Fixed for hosting been disabled allow_url_fopen.
  • Fixed article plugin bug.
  • Fixed plugin backend language to default when the language file not found.
  • Fixed the csz cms version checking on plugin store. The plugin can't update if not upgrade the csz cms.
  • Fixed for curl error 60 on windows when the php been disabled allow_url_fopen.

This upgrade has many bug to fixed and add new feature.
This version is beta now. If you want to test the beta version. Please contact us to send the install file to you.
If you find the bug for CSZ CMS. Please tell us at here

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