CSZ CMS NEWS: about version 1.2.2

Category: Upgrade News | Posted date: 2019-05-15 21:36:40 | Updated date: 2019-06-09 23:59:31 | Posted by: CSZCMS Admin

CSZ CMS upgrade news about version 1.2.2, Fix to important bugs.

CSZ CMS NEWS: about version 1.2.2


  • Update elFinder to 2.1.49.
  • Update gallery plugin to 1.0.6.
  • Update Codeigniter core to 3.1.10.
  • Fixed to disable the automatic upgrade when use beta version.
  • Fixed XML Widget url field have blank space.
  • Fixed MX_Router and support for PHP 7.3.
  • Fixed Facebook chat not working.
  • Fixed remote url response code checking.
  • Fixed CSV import on backend not working.
  • Fixed more important bug.
  • Improve performance.

This upgrade has to fixes important bugs.
This version is available now. Please check here for news update.
If you find the bug for CSZ CMS. Please tell us at here

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